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yeah myspace has officially killed livejournal.   
11:00am 01/10/2006
mood: cold
But I'm bored so I figured I'd update.
Things are going well, I'm still with Matt. I love him so much =]
My sister had her baby, Shane Logan. He is 8 months now..And such a cutie =] I'll have to post pics sometime.
I quit Mcdonald's, And I work at Big Y now. I LOVE IT THERE.
Anddd I had my car on the road for almost a year, then I got into an accident. I just paid off the 1,300 to get it fixed now I'm driving my cavvy again.
OH and I'm in college now. Yeah, majoring in business.
I don't think anyone still reads this, So i'll end here.
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lot to say!   
01:15am 28/12/2005
mood: cranky
So a lot has happened since I last updated. Me and Jay...dont even talk anymore. I've been with Matt Hoyle sinse *December 2* and I absolutely love this kid. He makes me so unbelievably happy. And it's weird, because I never pictured myself being happy with anyone but Jay. But now I am. And I fucking love it?! Me and my babe went to the Mall today and we both got a bunch of clothes..and now we are deff the hottest couple in ware.

Christmas was a few days ago..that was okay. I was supposed to see my sister SaVannah but she ended up not coming over, I was sad cuz I really wanted to see my neice Leah.

My other sister is 8 and a half months pregnant. CANT WAIT to see my nephew!!

Still working at Mickey D's. Most likely gunna be quitting soon....I can't stand it thurr.

I guess thats basically it for now. My life has changed SO MUCH. I think it's for the better though...
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10:46am 23/10/2005
mood: ecstatic
so Friday when I got home from school guess who's CAR was sitting in their drive-way?! YEP, MINE. My grandpa paid off the last 700$ of it, and he gave me 100$ to start my insurance with. i was like WHAAAT?! I was so not expecting that. But it was AWESOME. And then later on that day my dad bought me a new cellphone..that was like the best day in a looonnggg time. :D

yay for cavaliers.
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08:45pm 17/10/2005
mood: infuriated
I haven't updated in quite a while.

I just typed out a pretty long entry but it didnt go through. I'm pretty pissed about that.

I got my Senior Pics done the other day, hopefully they came out good. They better for the price.

Me and Sarah been hanging out a lot lately..we smoked last week, i hadn't done that in a whillleeeee.

Jay and I broke up but we're still really close friends. -wird- lol.

I guess thats it, I had more but I dont feel like re-typing it all. =\
05:04pm 30/08/2005
mood: depressed
Okay sooo...the first day of my Senior Year was today. School was alright. It could have been worse. I have Anatomy, Spanish 3, English 12, & Gym. Next semester I have CAD, Computer Info Software, U R What U Eat, And Art 2. Wow next semester sounds pretty easy? I wonder what happened to Pre-Cal? Hmm.

Anyways, continuing on..I get home, and I'm sitting in the living room eating a waffle and watching The Breakfast Club, and I am greeted by my father with these words: "What the fuck do you think you're doing eating in the living room? And why do you have the TV blasting so fucking loud?" ( the TV wasnt even loud..at all ), And he grabs my waffles and throws them out. He proceeds into the Kitchen, and says "And when the fuck do you plan on cleaning that fucking rabbit cage? Theres fucking shit and piss everywhere. Why dont I just fucking get rid of the fucking rabbit." So I get up, tell him to fuck off, and grab my bunny and take him into my room. He would really get rid of it, cuz when I had a cat..I woke up one morning and my dad had dropped him off somewhere on the way to work, and I never saw it again. So I turn the AC on cuz I was hot, and he starts screaming at me about how he has to pay for it, and shuts it off. So by now I'm pretty fed up. It's like wow I guess I just cant do anything right. I dont even know why I bother anymore. No one gives me credit for anything I do right, I just get screamed at for stupid things. My dad is more worried about keeping the carpet clean, and me blowing the TV speakers, then he is about me. So why am I even living here? No one wants my here. All i do is cause problems. I just wanna take my bunny and go somewhere else..Somewhere where I can eat on the floor, and watch TV, and have the AC on if it's hot. I wish I had a dad who would come home and have something positive to say to me. Something to make me think he cares..even just a little bit. Like "How was your first day of school hunny?". But no. I have shit. I cant stop crying right now. It feels like nothing I do is ever good enough..for anyone.

Why does my dad treat me like a worthless piece of shit?
I've done more for myself in the past 17 years than he's done in his whole life.

wow this entry is so pathetic...

but I start dance soon. I'm excited about that. dance keeps my mind of all the bullshit.

I went to Hampton Beach for a week and WarpedTour was good. But I dont feel like writing abuot those things..idk why..

i have homework.

leave me comments. please.
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Just a few thoughts...   
11:25am 12/08/2005
mood: bored
I think LiveJournal is officially dead.

I really need a new job.

I want to go to the Beach!

Going back to school sucks.

I wish I had my car...

I want ice cream.

Boys are stupid and make themselves look like idiots 99% of the time.

I'm bored...way tooooo bored...help
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12:10pm 07/08/2005
mood: confused
Yup I got my liscense so watch out!
I ALSO test-drove the CAVALIER the other day, and so did both my mom and dad, and we all agreed that it ran beautifully so I put a downpayment of 700. It's not paid off, I owe 1800, so I wont have it for approximently 4.5 months :o) lol but I think it's worth the wait..


♥ Shauna
♥ Kristine
♥ Chip
♥ Amber
♥ Jenn
♥ Chris
♥ Nikki
♥ Ashley

And probly a few other people that I'm not thinkin of at the moment..
I have to work 4-9 today that sucks..
If you're one of the people I named then wtf? why arent you calling me?
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12:26pm 02/08/2005
mood: flirty
I've been going to the movies a lot lately. I've seen:

Fantastic Four ( with Jay )
Dark Water ( with Jenn & Amber )
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory ( with Jay )
Wedding Crashers ( with Jenn & Amber )
Wedding Crashers AGAIN ( with Jenn, Jay, John, Sarah & Sam )
War of the Worlds ( with Jay )
Mr. & Mrs. Smith ( Jay )

There might have been another but I forget.

Anyways, Wednesday I went to Hampton Beach AGAIN..It was so FUCKING HOT. like 100-n-something. But I still had an awesome time even though I thought I was going to die of heat stroke.

Saturday I went to Chris's Birthday / Pool Party. Hung out with some cool kids there. I lost my bikini bottoms when diving off the diving board :D

Last night I hung out with Jenn, John, Jay, Sarah & Sam. ( WHOA whats this? Jay to the 4th + S to the 2nd ). Jay is going to buy Sam's Acura Integra from him. Such a nice car. I wish I had a nice car??

I'm going for my liscense tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK!!
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Hampton Beach Pictures   
01:03pm 20/07/2005
mood: hungry
Last week I went to Hampton Beach with Jenn, Jay, John, Hisham & Alisha. We had an AWESOME time. I played Lazer Tag for the first time ever and I loved it.

Me, Jay, Jenn & John also went to Six Flags last week and had a freakin' blast lol. ( J TO THE 4TH! )

Some memorable moments:

"My sand gets all the ladies"
Jenn & John in the car ;o)
Racing Hish & Alisha
"So long and Goodnight"
"Who Farted?" .. "Sorry that was me" LOL
"My splash cooler gets all the Franklin's"

Here's some pics from the Beach:
♥ p i c t u r e s ♥Collapse )
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Happy Birthday Sarah! <3   
03:39pm 09/07/2005
mood: bouncy
Tuesday ::: Got my hair cut and highlighted. Then went to Wal*Mart with Sarah to get stuff for her Party, then went to her house and helped clean out her basement.

Wednesday ::: Worked 8-4 then went to the Movies and saw War of the Worlds.

Thursday ::: Went to Holyoke Mall then met Sarah and Chip at Janines. We drove around then went to Sarah's to help decorate.

Friday ::: I worked then went to Sarah's Party. It was me, Jay, Sarah ( obviously ), Holly, Chris, Chip, Justin, Brian, Freddy, and Amber. We hung out at her place, I kicked ass at Ping-Pong, then we made smores ( yay ), and later on we went to HotShots to shoot some Pool. Left around 11. Home. Sleep. <3

Today ::: I worked 9-3 now I'm here and I have plans to go to Six Flags with April, Jay, and Eryn but the weather isnt looking the best, so we might just go to the Movies. Yup.

Happy 17th Birthday Sarah! <3

I'm off..
11:23pm 03/07/2005
mood: bouncy
Thursday ::: I worked, then Sarah and Dan came over. We went to Wal*Mart, then back to my house and we watched Recital Videos of me and Sarah ( lol ) then we had Pizza and watched Napoleon. It was pretty fun. They left around 11 then I went online.

Friday ::: I drove to K*Mart and went to look at a few cars, then went to the airport to pick up my babe <3 Didnt get to bed til like 2 and had to wake up at 6 for work :o(.

Saturday ::: Worked 7-2, then went to the Holyoke Mall and bought some shirts. Went to Jay's for a bit, then to the Fireworks. It was a good day..I am so happy that my hunny is back :P.

Today ::: Spent the day at Six Flags! With my baby of course :o) Had an awesome time. I <3 water slides. Then we came here and napped.

Tomorrow ::: I am working 11-3 then going to Amherst w/ Jay for some FiReWoRkS.

Happy 4th of July Everyone :o)
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08:04pm 26/06/2005
mood: lonely
School's out. I will return in the fall as a senior. Thats scary / exciting.

I went to visit my grandma in the Hospital today. And I drove on the turnpike for the 1st time. Figures there was an explosives truck in front of me with his hazard lights. Fun times.

My baby left for Vegas this morning, and I miss him terribly. I have not stopped crying. I dont know why, because I know I'll see him again. ( unless his plane crashes.. and lets not even go there ) But why do I fall apart when he's not around? I am so weak. and dependant.

only 5 days..

"Note to Self: I miss you terribly.
This is what we call a tragedy.
Come back to me. Back to me. To me.
I can feel my mind Wandering again.
Into where I dont know,
And will I ever get home?
Time starts moving faster than I can
And I'm sick of this scene
I need to break the routine.."

Edit ::: I stole this survey from Shauna. Read it..or die :)
* Survey *Collapse )
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uh huh this my shit..   
01:04pm 10/06/2005
mood: excited
I've been hanging out with Sarah a lot lately.
Today was JuNiOr SkIp DaY so me, Chris, and Sarah went to breakfast at Friendly's which was good :o) Then we went to Dunkin Donuts and then to look at my car! I cant wait to get it! It's a Blue 97' Chevy Cavalier Coupe, and the guy's putting a spoiler on for me and my dad said he'd paint pinstripes and thennn I'm getting a fucken awesome bodykit I'm so excited! He's selling it to me for 2500 when the actual value of the car is like 4000!
Yeah. After that we all came back here and chilled until like 12:30, now I'm gunna get my report for Chemistry done then get ready for my Recital tonight! You should go!
Doors open at 6:00 pm @ Quabog High School. Wish me luck!
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what a shame that we're slipping away now..   
06:40pm 01/06/2005
mood: jealous
Monday I went to the Mall with Jay and got graduation presents for Jenn and Heather.
Tuesday I had dance then went over Sarah's and hung out with her and Nick.
Wednesday (today) Sarah came over after school and then Chip picked us up and we went to Cumby's then I worked 3-6. Jay's coming over later to show me his new tattoo.
Tomorrow I'm probably hanging out with Sarah..

My life is such a mess right now..and no one even knows..

*This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue,
And my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun.
Remind me not to ever act this way again.
This is you trying hard to make sure that your seen,
With a girl on your arm and your heart on your sleeve.
Remind me not to ever think of you again.*

"Now I'm lying on the table,
With everything you said.
It will all catch up eventually,
Well it caught up and honestly,
The weight of my decisions
we're impossible to hold.
But they were never yours

They were never yours.*
11:30am 30/05/2005
mood: crappy
Me and Jay are on a break. I decided it would be for the better because I need to learn how to more independant. I need time to myself & time to spend with friends that I've been blowing off because I spend every waking hour with Jay. It's not that I dont love him anymore, because I do, but I dont wanna live the married life anymore. If there was a way that I could be with him and still have my freedom, then I would. But things dont work that way, because me and Jay's relationship was based upon us controlling eachother. I do wanna get back together with him eventually, but I wanna live my life a little before I settle down and start thinking about marriage.

Last Night I hung out with Sarah..we walked over to Nick's to get my Birthday present (tinkerbell blanket from Sarah..it's so adorable) then I left to go out to eat with my brother..then I went back to Sarah's and then Nick and his friend Angelo came over..I think Sarah and Angelo like eachother and it's wicked cute..lol. We played ping-pong, then I left. It was nice hanging out with Sarah again. Then I came home and talked to Jay, Nick and Sarah on the phone..(not all at the same time of course). Then eventually I went to bed..didnt sleep to well though..

"And I cant make it on my own.."
Party and Pictures!!   
12:15pm 21/05/2005
mood: drunk
Last night was my Birthday Party.. It was me, Jay, Sarah, April, Jenn, Heather, Andy and Amber. We all went bowling and it was pretty fun then we went to get ice cream at Janines, and after that we went to Aprils and that was wicked fun we watched Napoleon and had a good time 8-) We were greatly amused by her blind dog bumping into everything and Amber stepping in piss :D I went home at like 12 and hung out with Jay for a while..He's probly going to a Strip Club tonight..awesome =\ But yea today is my "Family party" So I should be getting lots of money. :o)

I'll write later.

btw i'm not really drunk but that face is soo cute.

EDIT ::: Here's some of the prom pictures:
Read more...Collapse )
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02:12pm 16/05/2005
mood: crazy
Today is my 17th Birthday.

WishflThinkr16: HaPpY bIrThDaY
OH NO fight: happy birthday...
T62Owens: hAPPY Birthday
XlastXlostXhopeX: HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY! :-D
NiCoLe3O2: Happy Birthday JULIA!!!!!!!!!
IGgY 5906: Hey, unless you lied to me than today is your birthday!! sooo, Happy Birthday!!
xCaitlin44x: Happy Birthday
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03:36pm 15/05/2005
mood: busy
Friday was prom! In our Limo it was me, Jay, Sarah, Danny, Amber, Justin, Holly, John, Chris and Jenn. We took like a billion pictures that I'll eventually post. And guess what? I was a PROM PRINCESS and so was Amber :o). I had a really good time. And I danced a lot. With like everyone. And on the ride home everyone was taking balloons and letting all the hellium go in their mouth so they sound really gay it was awesome/hilarious.

Tomorrow's my birthday. one-seven.
I dont think anyone knows it's my birthday cuz no one has said anything to me. If no one remembers, I'll be a little upset. Oh well.

I'll post pics sometime..
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05:58pm 09/05/2005
mood: sad
The other day I drove down to the Mall and got all my prom accesories, all I need now is earrings. I guess you could say I'm pretty excited, just maybe not as excited as I should be?
Jay's starting college in the fall. I'm happy for him. I have a feeling that we just might go our seperate ways..I dont know.
I'm not in a really good mood. I'm kinda bored, and tired, and hungry, and a little depressed. I really dont have any close friends anymore. Oh well. Some of them dont really matter anyways.
I have a lot to do..I dont feel like doing it. I dont feel like doing anything. I just wanna sleep.
I keep changing the subject.
I would write about stuff I did the past week but I would probly bore you to death plus I dont really remember anyways.
I should go type my lab report.
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2 years 4 months   
03:20pm 23/04/2005
mood: awake
Yesterday was me and Jay's 2 years and 4 months. lol. I got my belly-button pierced at Vipers Nest then we went to the Movies and saw Kung-Fu Hustle. It was pretty gay.

Thursday I went mini-golfing with Jay, John, and Jenn. It was wicked fun :o), then we met up with them at Friendly's where we helped Jenn with her sundae problem :D.

Today I worked 10-3. I am so mad. I dont even want to get into it.

You're a selfish CONCIETED two-faced slutty little bitch and I guess that's never gunna change. I dont believe I wasted my time AND money on you.

Well I've got shit to do. So PEACE.

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